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1. Choose / Click the product you want to purchase. 2. Click on the "Add to cart" button (Your product will be added to the cart) 3. Click on "Shopping Cart" 4. Go to "Checkout" and click on "proceed to checkout" 5. Fill the detail information 6. Read and accept Terms and conditions Click on "Place order"Accordion Sample Description
Yes, we deliver our products and services within 1-3 days of the week from the day of the order are placed depending on the location of delivery. Accordion Sample Description
If your order hasn’t been dispatched, then it can be canceled. To cancel your order, please call 977-9845567421 or email the screen capture to beautyqueenstation@gmail.com.
Sorry. For returns, you have to drop by our office at Ankita shringar center Pvt. Ltd. Junhall, Narayanghat, Chitwan, Nepal. Items can be returned within 48 hours from the delivery date for a refund. The refund amount will be the amount after deducting the delivery shipping costs that were charged. For the customers outside the valley, you should return it within 7 days from the delivery date for exchange. You can bring back the item or use a delivery service. For returns, you have to drop by our office at Ankita Shringar Center Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Junhall, Narayanghat, Chitwan, Nepal. As far as the delivery service is concerned, the consumer must pay the delivery and return costs. ▸
The shipping cost of the products is Rs.80 in Narayanghat, outside Rs.100 in Gaidakot and Bharatpur and outside, it depends on the distance and weight per kg of total goods.
You will receive a postal order confirmation number which can be used to receive the status of the ordered product.
Beautyqueenstation (Ankita Shringar Center Nepal Pvt. Ltd.) is an online e-commerce store, all the products featured on our website www.beautyqueenstation.com can be purchased with the easy steps mentioned above store register by Ankita Shringar Center Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Operates this online website with a new iconic name: www.beautyqueenstation.com.
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